Local news is in a crisis around the country, and in New Mexico in particular. New Mexico has 5 counties with no newspapers and 20 counties with only one newspaper, according to “news deserts” research at the University of North Carolina. Most recently we have lost newspapers in Los Alamos and in Lincoln County as well as a round of layoffs in Doña Ana and Luna County. These news deserts lack timely information, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to misinformation online and rumors spreading among the population. A lack of local news and information is a threat to democracy, which depends on civic participation.

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People like you can turn the tide. By subscribing, donating, or becoming a member of your favorite local newsroom, you are making sure that important issues like education, the environment, health, transportation, and economic opportunity continue to get coverage.

Between Nov. 29 (a.k.a. #GivingNewsDay) and Dec. 31, 2022, we will run our 2nd Annual New Mexico Local News Matching Campaign giving each participating newsroom the opportunity to receive up to $5000 or more, in a dollar-for-dollar match. Not only do we want to provide additional monetary support for local newsrooms but also inspire people like you who support public-service journalism — informing communities and strengthening civic engagement statewide.

Your local journalists are passionate caring individuals that work so hard to continue to bring you the community news that is relevant to you. The following newsrooms are taking part:

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