Emergency COVID-19 Grants

How To Apply

The New Mexico Local News Fund is making available emergency grants for New Mexico-based journalists impacted by COVID-19. These are small grants capped at $750 for assistance with child care, elder care, purchasing equipment needed to work remotely, food, rent, or other unanticipated costs imposed by the pandemic. Journalism students with a demonstrated commitment to the profession such as a previous internship, or other journalism work experience are eligible.


To apply, send an email with COVID-19 Emergency Fund Application in the subject line to nmlocalnews@gmail.com. In 1-2 paragraphs describe the need, and a few sentences about your journalism experience and where you work/have worked. Also specify the amount requested up to $750.


These funds are limited and intended for people who primarily identify as journalists and whose income comes from journalism, so if there are other resources that you can draw on, please consider those first. The state has relaxed its requirements for unemployment assistance so that can be a potential resource for freelance journalists or those between jobs. That said, we want to make sure journalists around the state are aware of this potential resource so please feel free to share widely.

Other Resources For Newsrooms

In addition to our own grants, there are many other resources out there for newsrooms and reporters that need assistance. Our Development Manager Rashad would be happy to work with you on an application, even if you've never written a grant before. Feel free to shoot him an email.